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  • Giving Me Back My Smile

    Dear Dr. Greg,

    I just had to write to say thank you. You cannot believe the difference! First of all, I look normal again, and the look is amazing. The fit is probably better than my own teeth -- I don't have to endure toothache, and I have an extremely secure set of teeth in my mouth.

    Preserving was definitely in my favor. Thank you again for giving me back my smile and making it better than it has ever been.

    - Sandy N.

  • Dedicated Team
    Skulman Dental is best in class in terms of customer service and expert dental care. I had a dental emergency, and Dr. Greg Skulman answered my concerns after hours and scheduled me in immediately. The issue was resolved quickly and professionally. He has a dedicated team that truly cares about their patients. I would highly recommend them.

    - Hillary E.

  • Gave Me Hope

    Dear Dr. Greg and Dr. Wendy,

    I am very thankful to have discovered your dental team. I was facing the extraction of all my teeth and having to wear old-fashioned dentures. I went in search of a better way and found you. You gave me hope by telling me that you could save most of my teeth and restore a beautiful smile for me. Your various procedures, which included crowns, implants, and bridges, created amazing results and lifted my spirits and self-esteem immeasurably. I am now happy to smile, and do it as often as possible! Thank you, Dr. Wendy and Dr. Greg, and to the whole staff at Skulman Dental.

    - Jane M.

  • I Knew I Was In Good Hands
    I went to Skulman Dental for a second opinion. Mr. Skulman was very caring, personable and patient. He was honest, knowledgeable, experienced and I knew I was in good hands. It's not always too exciting to have dental work done....but it was still a good experience and I will be sending more patients your way. Thanks again!

    - Jamie M.

  • Best Dentist I Have Ever Been To
    Dr. Wendy Skulman is the best dentist I have ever been to in my life. I am 43 years old and this is the first time a dentist didn't hurt me. My teeth are absolutely perfect because of her and she is a warm and kind person. I consider myself lucky to be one of her patients.

    - Louis R.

  • We Are More Than Happy

    The staff, doctors, and service at the Skulmans' office has been outstanding. We are more than happy with our many years of service. They have always been there for us. They are really super people and the staff is wonderful. The facility and technology are both topnotch.

    - Roger B.

  • Dream Come True

    Dear Drs. Wendy and Greg,

    I will never be able to thank you enough for what a wonderful opportunity you have afforded me. As a single mom with only one income, I have always put my children first which included not being able to keep up with the mounting dental problems I was facing. Because of this, my self-esteem was taking a nosedive and I seldom smiled. Due to your totally unexpected kindness and generosity, I am in the process of having my teeth restored; it is my own personal "Extreme Makeover" dream come true. I can't wait to see the results. You and your dental team are the best!

    - Cindy P.

  • Perfect Smile

    Dr. Skulman gave me back my smile! At 40 I began to get a space between my two front teeth. At first, it was not very noticeable and after all "Lauren Hutton" got away with it. Why not?  But as the gap grew, my self-confidence diminished and I became very self conscious. Dr. Skulman recommended that we redo my bridgework. My teeth were capped back in my teens and I missed that perfect smile. I am so thankful that God led me to the Skulmans. I have always been outgoing and vivacious. It is great to be me again!

    - Shelly B.

  • I Instantly Feel Secure & Relaxed
    This is the only dentist I will ever go to even though I, like many other people, have dental anxiety. The same people are there every time I go and the environment is very family-oriented, and I instantly feel secure and relaxed whenever I walk in the door.

    - Jaylyn N.

  • Excellent Dental Care
    Over the years, Dr. Wendy, Dr. Greg, and their staff have consistently provided friendly service and excellent dental care, but I always felt nervous about regular exams and cleanings because of my highly sensitive teeth. Last year when I experienced painful stress fractures, I couldn't imagine enduring the necessary extended treatments. But thanks to the kindness, patience, and attention of the entire office, I got through it successfully with great results and I gained a new appreciation for both their professionalism and compassionate care. Undoubtedly there are other competent dentists in Dallas, but from my experience, this practice stands out as an office with real heart.

    - Susan S.

  • Thanks Skulman Dental!
    Skulman dental has been providing dental services to my entire family for over 15 years. The front office staff are so friendly and responsive to all my needs and have helped me get in asap in an emergency situation. Greg and Wendy Skulman are so professional and have always provided me with the best treatment for all of my dental issues. Thanks Skulman Dental!!!! I highly recommend them to all of my friends.

    - Michelle A.

  • Best Cleaning I Have Recieved
    Skulman came highly recommended, and I can see why. They are excellent! That was by far the best cleaning I have received in my adult life. And part of what made it the best was that it wasn't painful. Hygienists can get super rough, but Mark was fantastic! All the staff was friendly, welcoming and engaging!

    - Hannah M.

  • Amazing Team
    I can't say enough about how much I love having Drs Wendy and Greg as my dentists. Along with their amazing team, they have made going to the dentist as positive an experience as possible. From cleanings to Invisalign to veneers, The Skulman Clan has taken care of me for more than a decade. I have recommended Skulman Dental to friends and coworkers and they are always just as pleased as I am.

    - Mike L.

  • Professional Services & Demeanor
    Through my healthcare network, I found doctors Greg & Wendy Skulman numerous years ago and am very happy with their professional services and demeanor. Dr. Greg patiently explains the issues and solutions. All my dental needs have been met to my satisfaction. Mark, the hygienist, and Jana are also a great part of the dental staff, while Brianna does a great job at the front desk. When the time came for my husband to make a change in his dental plan, I highly recommended he start coming to see Dr's. Greg and Wendy, which he did.

    - Gloria T.

  • Treated Like One of the Family
    I have been a patient of both Drs. Wendy and Greg Skulman for over 18 years. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience in all that time. When I go to the office, I am treated like one of the family - they truly care about their patients. Dr. Greg has even met me at the office on a Saturday when I had a dental emergency - when I called the dentist I went to before on a weekend, I was referred to an after-hours dentist who I did not know. Drs. Greg and Wendy Skulman are definitely the bests dentists I have ever been too and I don't ever plan on changing.

    - Judy S.

  • Fantastic to Work With
    Dr. Greg and the team are fantastic to work with. Always on time and very friendly. The quality of the work I have received is exceptional. My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Greg for three years. I highly recommend them.

    - Sharon D.

  • Best Dentist of All Time
    This dentist's office gets my vote for the best dentist of all time. I am usually very nervous and anxious when having to go for dentist visits. Since I started going here several years ago, I have no dread or anxiety at all. I drive 50 miles one ways to go here and will continue to do so. The staff here is simply amazing!!!

    - Donna C.

  • On Top of the Latest Technology
    My first visit to Skulman Dentistry was almost 13 years ago. I had an abscess that had me in tears. I received a referral from a friend. I left a voice message but the office was closed for Good Friday. Imagine my surprise when I received a call and Dr. Greg came into see me! Dr. Wendy, Dr. Greg, Mark, and the entire staff are all amazing! The office is professional. Scheduling and reminders are timely. Their office is on top of the latest technology. I trust them with my dental care. All of the procedures I've had have been positive. My friends are always surprised when I post "I love my dentists!" on social media. I guess I'm the only one who enjoys going to see the dentist! My office is moving to Plano later this year but I'll still drive to the Galleria area for Skulman Dental!

    - Tracy A

  • Friendly & Helpful

    I have been a patient for about eight (8) years. The level of service and quality of the work just keeps gets better. The entire staff is AMAZING.... They are Friendly AND Helpful and truly concerned. I feel like part of the family. I moved to Houston and travel back to Dallas because the people are great to work with. Thank You Dr. Greg for giving up your Saturday to work around my new job and work assignment.

    - Dana B.

  • Truly Care About Their Patients
    Drs. Wendy and Greg Skulman are the best, hands down, dentists in Dallas. They are talented, knowledgeable and truly care about their patients. They go out of their way to see to it that you are calm in the chair and that all procedures are pain-free. The rest of the Skulman Dental group is fabulous, too. After you become a patient you will feel like part of the family. I simply would not ever go anywhere else.

    - Henz T.

  • Each Experience Has Been Positive
    I have been a patient at Skulman Dental for several years. Mark and Dr. Wendy and Dr. Greg are all so nice, friendly, consultative, and professional. I was referred to them by a close friend and have referred several people to them. I never wait in the waiting room, as they are always punctual and each experience has been positive. Best dentist office ever!

    - Lacy W.

  • Friendly & Inviting
    I had a procedure done by Dr. Prada this week and he was excellent. He does a great job of keeping the atmosphere calm and un-intimidating. I'll have to admit, I was a bit nervous and scared before the procedure, but all went fine. I've also been there to see Dr. Greg before and his treatment is much the same. They do a great job with the administration - being flexible to work around my schedule for appointments and keeping the office very friendly and inviting.

    - Jeffery M.